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Fruit Jelly with Fruit Chunks

Fruit Jelly with Fruit Chunks

Learn how to make a delicious fruit jelly with real fruit chunks using this detailed step-by-step recipe. This refreshing dessert is perfect for enjoying the natural sweetness and vibrant flavors of your favorite fruits. Follow along and create a delightful treat that will impress your family and friends.


  • 500g fresh fruits (such as strawberries, apples, oranges) - choose your favorite fruits or a combination of different types. 
  • 200g sugar (you can adjust the amount based on the sweetness of the fruits and your preference), 
  • 500ml water, 
  • 10g gelatin (2 tablespoons), 
  • Juice of one lemon (optional)
40m cooking
6 number
Recipe Difficulty: Light

How to Make Fruit Jelly with Fruit Chunks

Step 1: Prepare the Fruits

  1. Clean and chop the fruits into small pieces. Remove any pits or seeds, if necessary. 
  2. If you prefer a smoother jelly without fruit chunks, you can blend the fruits in a blender or strain them through a sieve to remove any solid parts.

Step 2: Make the Jelly Base

  1. In a small saucepan, mix the sugar and water. Heat over medium heat, stirring, until the sugar is completely dissolved. 
  2. Once the sugar is dissolved, add the fruits and lemon juice (if using).
  3. Let the mixture come to a boil and simmer for 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Step 3: Prepare the Gelatin

  1. In a separate bowl, dissolve the gelatin in a small amount of cold water (follow the instructions on the package). 
  2. Allow the gelatin to swell for a few minutes, then place the bowl of gelatin in the microwave or in a double boiler to melt it completely. 
  3. Once the gelatin is fully dissolved, add it to the saucepan with the fruit mixture. Stir well to ensure even distribution of the gelatin.

Step 4: Pour into Molds

  1. While the mixture is still hot, carefully pour it into jelly molds or small glass containers. 
  2. Allow the jelly to cool to room temperature, then transfer it to the refrigerator for several hours or until fully set.

Step 5: Serving and Decoration

  1. Once the jelly is completely set, it is ready to be served. 
  2. You can garnish the top of the jelly with fresh fruits, whipped cream, or mint leaves. 
  3. Serve the jelly chilled and enjoy!

Enjoy your fruit jelly with fruit chunks!

Nutrition Facts (per serving)

The nutritional value of fruit jelly with fruit chunks can vary depending on the fruits used and the amount of added sugar. Here are approximate values for one serving (approximately 100g) of jelly without additional toppings:

  • - Calories: around 70-100 calories 
  • - Carbohydrates: around 15-25g 
  • - Sugar: around 10-15g 
  • - Protein: around 1g 
  • - Fat: around 0g 
  • - Vitamins and minerals: Depending on the fruits you use, the jelly may contain various vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and others.

Please note that these are approximate values and may vary depending on the specific recipe and ingredients you use. It is recommended to use the nutritional information of specific products for a more accurate assessment of the nutritional value.

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